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Girl's Basketball

Home of the Lady Cubs
Junior Varsity
Date    Opponent PlaceTime  SMSOpponent 
Nov. 2HeritageSevierville Middle5:00 pm  
Nov. 7Union GroveSevierville Middle5:00 pm  
Nov. 14  Montmery RidgeMontgomery Ridge6:00 pm   
Nov. 16NorrisSevierville Middle5:00 pm   
Nov. 30AlcoaSevierville Middle5:00 pm   
Dec. 14 Seymour Sevierville Middle5:00pm   
Dec. 18Newport GrammarSevierville Middle5:00 pm  

 Nov. 2
HeritageHeritage5:00 pm 

 Nov. 3
Powell**Maury TBMC 
7:20 pm 

Nov. 6
Maury TBMC 
5:00 pm

 Nov. 7
Union GroveSevierville Middle
6:00 pm

 Nov. 10
Maury TBMC
5:00 pm

 Nov. 11
Championship Saturday**
Maury TBMC

Carpenters Carpenters
5:00 pm

Nov. 14 
Montgomery Ridge (JV only)Montgomery Ridge6:00 pm

Nov. 16NorrisSevierville Middle5:00 pm 
Nov. 28ClintonSevierville Middle
5:00 pm

Nov. 30Alcoa
Sevierville Middle5:00 pm

 Dec. 4
NewportNewport Grammar5:00 pm 

 Dec. 7
HeritageSevierville Middle6:00 pm

Dec. 11Maryville
Sevierville Middle6:00 pm

Dec. 12
Union GroveUnion Grove
6:00 pm

Dec. 14
Sevierville Middle
5:00 pm

Dec. 18
Newport Grammar
Sevierville Middle
5:00 pm 
Jan. 4AlcoaAlcoa6:00 pm 
 Jan. 9
Sevierville Middle
6:00 pm

 Jan. 11
MaryvilleMaryville6:00 pm 

 Jan. 16SeymourSeymour5:00 pm

 Jan. 20 Area Tournament Sevierville MiddleTBD   
 Jan. 27 East Tennessee Sectional Sevierville Middle TBD  
Maury Tournament **

Area Tournament - Saturday, January 20th
at Sevierville Middle

East TN Sectional Tournament - Saturday, January 27th
at Sevierville Middle School

Head Coach: Steve Branton
Assistant Coach: Ashleigh Musgrove