6th Grade ELA Syllabus

6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade ELA Syllabus


Kim Van Dyke, Trisha Hoomes, Heather Cameron, Nate Bowers, Cathy Haynes



Journeys, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Course Overview

The middle grades, 6-8, solidify the foundation while increasing the complexity of text selection and tasks. When learning the standards for one grade level, readers must read the standards in the previous and subsequent grades and understand how that immediate grade fits into the students’ overall development.  The goal of the integration is to ensure that students are prepared for the technology demands of the post-secondary and workforce needs of Tennessee high school graduates; therefore, the focus is not on specific types of technology but the students’ ability to use the technology of their era. Foundational Literacy standards are the first section to follow the introduction. Following the Foundational Literacy standards are the strands that lead to literacy competence: Language, Reading, Speaking and Listening, and Writing.

Course Standards/Objectives

State standards for teaching and learning in this course and others are available at




Per Sevier County Board of Education policy, grading will be uniform across all elementary grades. In this class, daily grades will count as 67% of a student’s final average while test grades will count as 33%. Students who receive an excused absence are required to make up work missed in each class. Students who receive unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up daily missed work and the grade may be assessed as a zero. Student scores on the Tennessee Ready test grades three through eight shall comprise fifteen(15%) percent of the student’s final grade in the spring semester in the subject areas of mathematics, reading/language arts, science, and social studies. If these scores have not been returned by the end of school, grades will be assigned without  including Tennessee Ready scores. Students and parents can have access at all times to current grading information via gradebookwizard.com.