Golden Eagle Award

To qualify for the Golden Eagle Award - students MUST complete the following:
  1. Attend in the monthly meetings
  2. Participate in the monthly activity
  3. Attend a county event
  4. Demonstrate/Report on project
  5. Participate in a Club Service Project
  6. Complete 4-H Project

Monthly Activities:
November: Speeches
January: Poster
February: Essay Contest
March: Baking or Photography Contest

County Events:
* Public Speaking Contest
* Officers Workshop
* Speaking Workshop
* Craft Workshop
* Baking Workshop
* Photography Workshop
* 4-H Project Group Meeting
* Jr. Master Gardener Meeting
* Approved County Wide Clean-Up Project
*7th & 8th Graders MUST complete the Project book in order to stay in the club.  For more information, please contact Mr. Keith Graybeal.


4-H Poster Contest
You don't have to be an artist to enter the 4-H Poster Contest at your January Meeting.
  • Make a poster on Board 14x22 inches. This is one half sheet of poster board. Design your poster horizontal. NO GLITTER.
  • Theme should relate to 4-H, promoting 4-H or encouraging someone to join 4-H.
  • No 3-D objects that extend more than 1/8 inch.
  • Nothing should be placed on or blocking the 4-H emblem.
  • The stem of the leaf of the clover should always turn to the right. 
  • The 4-H emblem should not be placed under words or graphics. 
  • Use the whole 4-H emblem, do not distort or warp the dimensions. 
  • No copyrighted cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, etc. 
  • Back of Poster - put your first and last name, school, grade, teacher's name and home address. If you do not have this information on the back of your poster, IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A WINNING POSTER.U
  • Be creative. Develop a catchy phrase and illustrate that thought. 
  • Keep it simple. Letters should be large enough to read from a distance. NO GLITTER!
  • Each participant will receive a ribbon. 
  • Each participant will earn participation points for your club score. 
  • Winning posters from each club will be selected to compete in the county competition. 
  • Five county winners will be selected. The five county winners will each receive $25.00 cash. Other small cash awards will be presented. 
  • Three county winning posters will be selected for entry in the State 4-H Poster Contest. 

County Public Speaking Contest
A county speech contest will be held for those who would like to compete with other 4-H members from across the county. Competition is by grade level. Ribbons will be presented to each participant. The top three speakers at each grade level will receive a plaque. A $25.00 check goes to the first place speaker. County winners will also represent Sevier County in Regional Speaking Events.

If you plan to speak, please pre-register by calling 453-3695, extension 107 or email gturner2@utk.edu before November 25. When pre-registering, please give your full name, grade, 4-H teacher's name and school. 

The county contest for all grade levels will be Monday, December 6, starting at 6:30 p.m., at the Sevier County Courthouse. Please report to the courthouse by 6:10 p.m., to register. Room locations will be posted at the Courthouse doors. Remember you pre-register for the speech contest by calling the 4-H Office. 

November Service Project: 4-H Project Coats
Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries, SMARM, assist the homeless and those in poverty situations in Sevier County. You can collect coats (all sizes), toboggans and gloves for their coat giveaway on December 12. Coats do not have to be new. Coats need to be at the SMARM office at 300 Court Avenue, Sevierville, by December 4. Mr. Dick Wellons, with SMARM, would be happy to come speak to your club and pick up coats. Call him at 908-3153. Coordinate coat pick-up with the other clubs at your school so he makes only one trip. Coats can be dropped off to your 4-H leader or Mr. Graybeal. 

Christmas Craft Workshop
A Christmas Craft Workshop will be offered on December 1st from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. at the 4-H Office, 752 Old Knoxville Highway. Participants will make Christmas crafts. Limited to 20. Reserve your spot by sending $10.00 and the form below to: Sevier County 4-H, 752 Old Knoxville Highway, Sevierville, TN 37862. Checks can be made out to: UT Extension - Sevier County 4-H. DO NOT SEND FORM OR MONEY TO SCHOOL.

4-H Records Workshops
4-H Records Workshops have been planned to assist you in completing your project books. You only need to attend one records workshop. All workshops will be held in the 4-H Office adjacent to the Sevier County Fairgrounds. Bring your project folder to the workshop. Fourth graders should bring the Exploring 4-H book. The workshop will qualify as a county event for the Golden Eagle Award. No other 4-H workshops will be scheduled. Options for the workshop are November 24 from 4:30 - 5:00 p.m or January 26 from 4:30 - 5:00 p.m. 

4-H Chick Chain Project
Raising chickens for layers can be a fun 4-H project. You can have fun taking care of chickens while learning about poultry production through your experience. Your responsibilities in this project include feeding, watering, and daily care for your birds. You must furnish housing, equipment, and feed for your birds. The birds come in groups of 25 and will arrive the first week in March. The breed is the Rhode Island Red and they will cost $50.00 per group of 25. Those receiving chicks may participate in a 4-H Pullet Show at the Sevier County Fair next September. Ribbons and prize money will be awarded to the best entries. If you are interested in in the Chick Chain Project complete the following along with a check made out to: Sevier County 4-H and return to Glenn K Turner - 752 Old Knoxville Highway Sevierville, TN 37862 - by January 8, 2016. After you respond you will be contacted with more details. 

Monthly Project


Topic - anything of 4-H members choice

Due: November 2nd